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Affiliate Network Marketing : Methods Of Targeted Traffic Generation

Targeted traffic plays a very crucial role in the success of any Affiliate Network Business. All websites need targeted traffic in order to make sales.This is irrespective of the business model or whatever goals are being pursued. A number of approaches and techniques about targeted traffic generation are on the market ranging from free ones to others offered at varying prices.All traffic can be categorized into three classes:-

A). Buy Some Traffic

One of the fastest ways to get some traffic is to buy it. You can buy traffic using methods such as pay-per-click, e-zine advertising, buying advertising space on other high traffic sites, classified advertising e.t.c.
Google Adwords, is one of the better known and largest place for you to throw some money to buy traffic.

B) Borrow Traffic from others.

This involves leveraging the traffic that other site owners have generated. You can locate those who have mailing lists related to your area and ask them to post an ad in their list in exchange for a link on your site. If you have your own mailing list, you could propose an ad swap. You can even offer up your own products and reports to other marketers to give away as bonuses on their product launches. It is always about finding ethical ways to capitalize on other people's resources.

C) Building your own Traffic.

This approach is premised on attracting traffic by generating content. One of the most profound and time-tested ways to promote and market online is to write and publish original articles. Other methods of building own traffic in affiliate network marketing includes 'submitting press releases, participating in forums and groups etc.

The following are the most prominent and widely used techniques of generating targeted traffic:-

1. Results-oriented advertising. This method is often referred to as performance based advertising. You only pay for results not for exposure. It is both a long term and short term strategy. PPC ads are delivered by pay by click search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and other small search engines. As mentioned earlier Google adwords form the core of pay-per-click advertising.

2. Banner/Text-link Advertising.

This is another quick way of getting traffic to your site through paid advertising. Banners and text link adverts should only be placed on targeted, market specific websites where the owner has implemented these advertising opportunities on site. They should also be targeted on sites that participate in ad networks. Some of the most popular advertising networks include: Adventure, AADDZZ, ADACE, AD-NET, Value Click and Google Adsense.

3. E-Zine Advertising.

Ezines are ideal because the readership is targeted. The internet marketer should contact online ezine and magazine owners who have similar target readership and buy advertising space from them. Not all ezine advertisement result in a good conversion rate. A test run is therefore essential in order to ensure that the return on investment covers the costs. Ezine advertising opportunities relating to internet network affiliate marketing can be obtained via regular web search typing in your niche keyword plus "E-zine" or "news-letter".

4.) Article Marketing

Article marketing involves writing keyword -centric articles in a properly chosen niche and submitting them to article directories. It is a tremendously effective technique that creates back Links to your website,thereby increasing your Page Rank and indexing by search engines. The same articles can also be submittted to websites or news letter owners in the same niche by offering them free and requesting that they publish them. This would give you lots of article exposure to targeted readers. Article Marketing is by far one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your site for the long term. This demand that you write excellent articles. When such articles are published, this can mean a massive boost in your traffic for you as your article will circulate across more sites and in front of more readers, than you could reach on your own.

5. Market Forum/Groups

The forum Marketing techniques is another popular free traffic generation method. Just like article marketing, it is a great tactic to generate back links which will ultimately draw traffic to your website. This method involves some simple steps:-

* Find forum for groups pertaining to your market or niche.
* Ensure that the forum or groups receive a good amount of traffic and members participate on a regular basis.
* Register an account for yourself.

* Introduce yourself and commence participating in discussions.
* Once you have integrated into the community place a short advertisement with a link to your optin page in your signature file.

Anyone reading your post can see this signature and may click through to your site and optin to your list. This type of traffic is usually good as the visitors are pre-targeted due to context.

These five methods are the most prominent in generating market-specific traffic in internet affiliate marketing, and they range from free to paid methods and also from short term to long term methods. Other methods of traffic generation would include:-

* Press Releases
* Social Networking
* Viral Video and Podcasting
* Blogging and Content Syndication
* Natural Search Engine Optimization
* Viral Reports

The list continues on and on. The challenge is to focus on mastering one method at a time paying attention to conversation rate, cost and time.

Charles Chege is a Webmaster and owner of, which promotes top-notch affiliate programs in niche markets to aspiring home business owners. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise about network marketing business and effective marketing strategies.Subscribe to his Affiliate Marketing Network Newsletter for FREE today and obtain proven home business tips and tricks at:
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